September 25

September 25, 1982New York Times headline dated September 25–Houston’s Great Thirst is Sucking City Down Into the Ground. “It started to the east of the city some years ago, when homes and industry began to slide into Galveston Bay. Now the entire city of Houston is sinking into its base of sand and clay, including the glittery new residential, commercial and retail developments that have sprung up like weeds in the prairie to the west of downtown. The cause is water. The vast aquifers beneath the city have been overpumped to feed the breakneck development of the last decade. But the solution will cost money, big money, or compel a slowing of growth, so the issue is potentially as much a political one as a geological one in a town in which unbridled growth is gospel.”


4 thoughts on “September 25

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  2. Kamran

    How Much the Land is subsiding ? is there any data ?
    Very Large Ground Water Withdrawal resulting in lowering of water table on permanent basis is causing land subsidence , But I would also point out responsibilities of Geo Technical Engineer Foundation Designers who have not incorporated this sub soil trend in there building construction codes & foundation designs , Historic & current data be used to project Sustainable Ground water Withdrawal along with renewed construction codes

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