1204 Chicago Typhoid


1 thought on “1204 Chicago Typhoid

  1. Abigail King Save Maumee

    “Typhoid. Chicago, Ill.-Typhoid fever has invaded Chicago with a force not felt for several years, according to the bulletin of the Health Department just issued. More cases have been reported each week during the last month than for any similar period for several years. Figures of the Health Department show that 68 cases of typhoid fever were reported two weeks ago, compared with 58 the preceding week and but 16 for the corresponding week of 1912. Commentary: The chlorination systems on the lake water source would not be finished for 3 years, but after completion, typhoid disappeared.”

    Thank you for your article. I used this quote from the email you sent. I would be interested in a historical perspective for Cholera as well.

    When we discharge combined sewage into the rivers, it is Midevil and is a cause for water quality decline and illness. Fort Wayne, Indiana has (on average) 71 discharge days with potentially 42 discharge points opening up into our local waterways.
    Remember…the more we have to “cleanse” our drinking water, the higher the cost.

    Abigail King
    Lake Erie Waterkeeper
    Save Maumee Program Director


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