May 6, 1915: Sweetwater, Texas Waterworks

0506 Sweetwater TX Water Works

May 6, 1915:  Municipal Journal article. Sweetwater Waterworks System and Reservoir. “Sweetwater, Tex.-The city of Sweetwater is building a municipal waterworks system at a cost of $320,000. The sources of the supply are numerous springs in the headwaters of Sweetwater creek, and the runoff of fifty-four square miles of uninhabited rocky hills, in which is to be a billion and a quarter gallon reservoir eight miles south of the city. The city now has a population of 6,500 people with an average daily consumption of 250,000 gallons of water. The present conduit that is being constructed from the lake will reach the requirements of 20,000 inhabitants, while the lake will reach the requirements of a city of 40,000 to 50,000 people. The reservoir covers an area of 200 acres and will be more than fifty feet in depth at the dam. Its capacity is sufficient to supply the city’s present demands for a period of nine years’ continuous drought, with allowances for seepage and evaporation. A portion of the surplus water will therefore be utilized for irrigating some 2,000 acres of fertile land lying in the valley of Sweetwater creek between the lake and the city. The greatest elevation of the city is such that it will permit water by gravity direct from the conduit, but an elevated tank of 250,000 gallons capacity, in addition the present 70,000 gallon tank, will be provided for fire protection and the higher outlying districts of the city. The dam will be an earthen structure sixty feet in height and 1,150 feet long, with concrete and steel piling wall on bedrock fifteen feet below the channel of the stream to cut off the underflow. The spillway will be ten feet below the crest of the dam and 350 feet in length with concrete sills twenty feet deep connected by a concrete floor. The accompanying illustration gives a view of the work.”

Reference:  “Sweetwater Waterworks System and Reservoir.” 1915. Municipal Journal. 38:18(May 6, 1915): 631.

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