September 10, 2008: Last Issue of NEWS Posted

0910 Glass of Water and NEWSSeptember 10, 2008:  The last issue of NEWS was posted. NEWS was a weekly newsletter devoted to media stories and commentary about drinking water quality that was published by McGuire Environmental Consultants, Inc. Publication ceased after eight years because the cost of producing the newsletter became prohibitive.  The spirit of the newsletter has been incorporated into the blog:  safedrinkingwaterdotcom. Also, the historical file of the newsletter was recently restored and can be accessed at Amazingly, many of the hyperlinks still work.

The people who put the newsletter together included:  Chet Anderson as Senior Editor, Jennifer Smith as Managing Editor, Erica Rosen as Webmaster and myself as Publisher. We were a great team!


One thought on “September 10, 2008: Last Issue of NEWS Posted

  1. Lyle Hoag

    Mike: Yes, y’all were a great team, and NEWS was a valuable and beloved service to all of us water quality wonks. It was a surprise and disappointment that it wasn’t continued by a firm or a consortium of agencies. Thanks again, Lyle Hoag


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