August 5, 1908: New Intake for Erie, PA

August 5, 1908:  Municipal Journal article. Laying Erie’s New Intake. “There is now being carried out into Lake Erie a 72-inch iron intake pipe for the Erie, Pa., water works  which, when completed, will extend one mile into the lake from the shore of Presque Isle peninsula. This work is expected to continue during the summer and possibly part of the fall. The contract for the work was awarded to the T. A. Gillespie Company, which sublet the dredging of the trench for the pipe; but after three concerns in succession had thrown up the work, the Gillespie company was forced to carry it out itself. In I907 about 900 feet were laid. Work this year began about the middle of April and is proceeding at the rate of over 700 feet per month.

The trench is excavated by a suction dredge, the bottom of the lake at this point being of sandy material, at the rate of about 80 lineal feet of trench a day. During the latter part of June the dredge was excavating a trench to a depth of about 34 feet below the surface of the water and 12 feet below the lake bottom. Laying was begun at the crib and is being carried toward the shore. The material excavated by the suction dredge is carried through an 18-inch outlet pipe to where the pipe laying has been completed and is there deposited as back-filling.”


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