October 3, 2008: Perchlorate Will Not Be Regulated

October 3, 2008: EPA made a preliminary determinationnot to regulate perchlorate in drinking water. “Perchlorate is the explosive component of solid rocket fuel, fireworks, road flares, and other products. Used heavily by the Department of Defense and related industries, perchlorate also occurs naturally and is present in some organic fertilizer.

This soluble, persistent compound has been detected in drinking water supplies, especially in California. . . .Because of this widespread occurrence, concern over the potential health risks of perchlorate exposure has increased, and some states, water utilities, and Members of Congress have urged the Environmental Protection Agency to set a federal drinking water standard for this chemical.”

Commentary:  On June 26, 2019, the USEPA proposed an MCL of 56 ppb for perchlorate. The California MCL is 6 ppb. Alternatives are 18 and 90 ppb. It will be quite easy for utilities to meet the federal rule. So, what was all the hubbub about?

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